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I’ve been the vocalist and performing frontman in multiple death metal bands since I was 16.

Most notably I’ve had the pleasure of recording and touring the world as the vocalist in the bands MONSTROSITY, and VILE.

Before that I was in the band DIVINE RAPTURE for many years with my brother J.J. (now with Hate Eternal),

the Black Metal band I.C.E (IMPERIAL CRYSTALLINE ENTOMBMENT), and I also sang live for a short stint back in the day with

RUMPLESTILTSKIN GRINDER and XXX MANIAK. I also have a personal Avant-Garde / Experimental Death Metal project called
AZURE EMOTE and also currently front the Death Metal band HYPOXIA from NYC.


Mike Hrubovcak Monstrosity Brutal Assault Festival Czech Republic
Mike Hrubovcak Monstrosity Hellfest France
Monstrosity – Brutal Assault Fest Czech Republic
Monstrosity – Hellfest France


LAWRENCE'S CREATION – Glimpse (2015) – Guest Vocals

HYPOXIA – Despondent Death (2015) – Vocals

CAEDERE – The Lost Conveyance (2014) – Guest Vocals

NADER SADEK - Re:Mechanic Official Music Video (2014) - Guest Vocals

PRIORATO - Born To Die (2014) – Guest Vocals

DEATH METAL CHRISTMAS - Hellish Renditions of Christmas Classics (2013) - Vocals

FRAUD - Forms Unknown (2013) - Guest Vocals

RECKLESS MANSLAUGHTER - Blast Into Oblivion (2013) - Guest Vocals

AZURE EMOTE - The Gravity Of Impermanence (2013) – Composer / Vocals

VILE - Metamorphosis (2011) – Vocals

ABRAXAS - Damnation (2011) – Vocals

INSATANITY - The Day God Died (2010) - Guest Vocals

ABRAXAS - Wretched Existence (2009) – Vocals

PHILLY THRASH BRIGADE Compilation – [Divine Rapture - I Am Pain] (2008) – Vocals

XXX MANIAK - The Cracks Of Doom (2008) - Guest Vocals

MONSTROSITY - Spiritual Apocalypse (2007) - Vocals

AZURE EMOTE - Chronicles Of An Aging Mammal (2006) - Composer / Vocals

AURORA BOREALIS - Relinquish (2006) - Guest Vocals

XXX MANIAK - Harvesting The Cunt Nectar (2004) - Guest Vocals

I.C.E - Apocalyptic End in White (2004) - Vocals

AURORA BOREALIS - Time Unveiled (2003) - Guest Vocals

I.C.E - Imperial Crystalline Entombment EP (2003) - Vocals

DIVINE RAPTURE - The Burning Passion (2003) - Vocals

TOGETHER AS ONE A Tribute to Death – [Divine Rapture - Pull The Plug] (2003) - Vocals

TYRANTS FROM THE ABYSS A Tribute to Morbid Angel - [Divine Rapture - World Of Shit] (2002) - Vocals

DIVINE RAPTURE - 2001 Promo EP (2001) - Vocals

DIVINE RAPTURE - Divine Rapture (1999) - Vocals

DISILLUSION (USA) - Cassette Demo (1997) - Vocals


• I recently self published a Limited Edition Art Book commemorating 20 years of artwork. Check out the
Merch page for more info.


• I had a monthly feature called "Nightmare Visions" on MTV's Headbangers Ball Blog for a while (taking over for the discontinuation of Paul Booth's Weekly art posts), submitting regular artwork sneak peaks and project descriptions.

• Various posters of my artwork were purchased for use as background set dressing for a location in the
Universal Pictures / Morgan Creek Feature Film "Dream House". The movie was Directed by Jim Sheridan ("In America", "The Boxer"), and stars Daniel Craig (James Bond 007) and Naomi Watts
("King Kong", "The Ring").

• Various posters of my artwork were given away by Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) and horror actress Debbie Rochon on the Fangoria Magazine Sirius Radio show, to callers who correctly answered horror trivia questions.

• A few of my zombie related illustrations were published in a 256 page Hard Cover Art Book from the UK called "ZOMBOOK" alongside 150 artists like Matt Dixon (Metal Hammer)
and Jason Edmiston (Revolver Mag.)

• T-shirt artwork created for the band Hate Eternal was exclusively licensed for sale in stores by Hot Topic.

• A two page spread Feature / Interview was printed in D.O.A. Magazine Issue 1. (Previously S.O.D. MAG)

• RUE MORGUE Horror magazine printed a featured interview in their "Fright Gallery" Section of issue #164


• Artwork displayed at "In The Realm Of Dreams & Fears" Gallery Exhibit, Longwood Arts Gallery, Bronx, NY alongside Matt Pinyan, Kari Christensen and 22 other horror artists
from around the world.

• Artwork displayed at "Bomb Scare" Gallery Show @ Headquarters Studio NYC along with art by famed NYC Photographer
Aaron Cobbett and illustrator Thomas Woodruff.




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VISUALDARKNESS® Specializes in Illustration
& Graphic Design for the Heavy Metal, Horror and Fantasy genres. Currently based out of the NYC / Philadelphia area, I have been heavily involved in the Death Metal underground both artistically and musically since 1992. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of working with many great bands and record labels worldwide. Originally starting out
with Oil Painting, Airbrushing and Pen and Ink,
my work has evolved over the years into a mixture of traditional and modern mediums including
digital painting and photo manipulation.


Although you may notice a good portion of my portfolio consists of gore related art, there is also a vast spectrum of other styles displayed here while of course always centered around the dark and surreal. The techniques used are also customizable and interchangeable depending on the needs of the specific project.
Some artworks use a more graphic or vector style and then some demand a more painterly or photographic realism approach. Whichever style you prefer, rest assured I will deliver the best of my ability to any project I take on.


Cover Illustrations, CD / Digipak / Vinyl LP Layouts, Logos, T-Shirts, Book Covers, DVDs, Stage Banners, ADs, Editorials, Web Graphics, Band Laminates, Flyers, Tour Posters, Concert Tickets, Catalogs, Magazines, Websites and anything else you can think of.



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